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OFP in Colombia

Our main project is related to the Colombian foundation "Oasis of Amor y Paz" (FOAP) located in the region of Norte de Santander, a region characterized by a high level of insecurity because of the problems related to the control of the region and the coca production.
The Colombian Foundation FOAP has created a Peace Education and Training Center, offering a concrete alternative to children, adolescents and young people (currently 184) who are exploited in coca plantations or war victims of local guerrilla groups.

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Oasis Café

Our intervention aims to encourage entrepreneurial activities in this context, through the creation of a quality coffee brand "Oasis Café" produced on the foundation's territories and in the surrounding areas converted from coca production to coffee cultivation. .
This activity allows the professional insertion of young people and a new means of subsistence agriculture for the local community involved. OFP will monitor all import and distribution activities of "Oasis Café" in Italy and Europe.
The profits will be donated to the "Oasis of Amor y Paz" foundation and local producers, in order to guarantee a better quality of life in a common way for peace and dignity.


About Us

Oasis For Peace (OFP), founded by Alessandro Dalmasso and Sylva Cosulich Dalmasso with Don Rito Julio Alvarez, works with professionals and operators with proven experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors who believe in the proposed integrated development model.


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